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Upcoming CSR Events

Here are a few upcoming CSR events and initatives that I thought readers should know about.
Company of Tomorrow. A ten-month “action tank” that offers an opportunity for 6-10 corporations to accelerate the process of building their organization as a next generation company.This is an initiative of the Global Responsibility Initiative, a group of leading corporations and business schools (including the Queen’s School of Business) working on a range of pressing issues related to globally responsible leadership. The closing date for the application process is March 19.
GLOBE 2008. The 10th event produced by the GLOBE Foundation, a Vancouver-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to finding practical business-oriented solutions to the world’s environmental problems. GLOBE events have become a nexus for environmental business leaders, corporate environmental managers, sustainability practioners, and government officials. GLOBE 2008 takes place in Vancouver from March 12-14.
The 7th Annual Responsible Business Summit. Produced by Ethical Corporation, event topics include: How can you successfully manage sustainability change in your company? and Corporate Responsibility as a driver for innovation and opportunities. The responsible business summit takes place in London from May 13-14. On a much smaller scale, I will be leading a seminar in Toronto on April 24 to help people in small and medium sized buinesses implement and improve community investment programs. You can find out more by looking at Community Investment for SMEs.