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Up and running

In the July 21, 2008 Briefcase we noted that uranium producer Cameco Corp. told the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in May that leaks of uranium, arsenic and fluorides from Cameco’s Port Hope, Ont., conversion facility may have polluted Lake Ontario. Well, the facility, which Cameco voluntarily shut down in July 2007 after the company discovered material had leaked into soil and groundwater, is now open againafter having received the go-ahead from the nuclear commission.
The plant, which produces uranium hexafluoride, is at a location that has a substantial “legacy from about 150 years of various industries operating on the site,” says Cameco in a release.
Cameco also saidit has fixed the underground leak issue and established a long-term monitoring program, and expects the cost of the testing and improvements made to the facility to run as high as $55 million. It also said that italong with the nuclear commission and Ontario’s environment ministryis creating a plan to deal with other subsurface contamination on the site, most of which, Cameco says in a release, “pre-dates Cameco’s ownership of the property.”