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Unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed

A new trend is saying no to daily baths/showers and it kind of stinks.

Would you consider going out of the house without a shower? Would you go to work with unwashed hair? Go on a date with no deodorant? If you checked yes to any of these boxes you may be jumping on the unwashed bandwagon the movement against our (perceived) fixation with washing.

Apparently this is now a growing trend. The reasons for giving up soap, shampoo, deodorant and daily washing are that folks don’t want to smell artificial, or wash away the bodys natural oils. Not to mention the fears over possibly toxic materials that go into these personal products.

While I am not advocating people turn their bathrooms into spare rooms and showers into storage areas, I do note that daily showers are really a recent convention of daily western life. Ask your grandparents and they will probably tell you that a weekly bath, depending on the type of work they did and the availability of clean water, was the norm.

But I wonder what the impact of this will lead to. Whole industries have been built over our notions of cleanliness. While I don’t see the collapse of Procter & Gamble or Unilever any time soon, I am sure consumer companies are watching these developments cautiously. Rather than see the demise of Dove soap and Head & Shoulders shampoo, I’m sure they will hit back soon, and even have natural scent products in the development labs. Perhaps they are working on a rich, full-bodied, human scent right now manufactured from rich, full-bodied human sweat. Because heaven forbid you would be caught smelling like soap!