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Unhappy Landings

For the first four months of 2009, Statistics Canadareported that commercial aircraft movements at Canada’s major airports declined 4.2% compared to the like period last year. The five busiest airports saw a weighted average drop of 4.9% with Vancouver International registering the largest falls on a percentage basis and in the actual number of aircraft.
Airports are big business. The authorities responsible for the five airports below had 2008 revenues totaling $2,286,911,000. The Greater Toronto Airports Authority alone posted almost $1,200,000,000 in revenue of which $447,062,000 was in landing fees.
Along with the decline in traffic due to the economy, airports like Toronto and Vancouver which are close to the U.S. border face additional challenges. A search on shows that a round trip flight with one stop to Las Vegas costs $438 out of Toronto and $439 from Vancouver. If you take the flights out of Buffalo or Seattle, they cost $285 and $219 respectively. That means a savings of $306 to $440 per couple which goes a long way toward paying for an Elvis wedding.

Total Diff. %
Moves From LY Diff.
Toronto (Pearson) 129,415 (6,298) (4.6)
Vancouver International 92,644 (6,720) (6.8)
Calgary International 70,869 (3,679) (4.9)
Montral (Trudeau) 64,113 (3,334) (4.9)
Edmonton International 40,076 (775) (1.9)
Total All Airports 879,752 (38,875) (4.2)