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UFC's Anderson Silva croons for Burger King

Middleweight champion takes it up an octave in new burger ad from Brazil.

Professional athletes with high-pitched voices get made fun of a lot. Just ask Mike Tyson or David Beckham. It probably comes from some sort of everyman defense mechanism that says, “Even though I can’t curl a 30-yard free kick into the top corner or pummel half the planet into submission with my bare hands, at least I don’t sound like I ate helium balloons for breakfast.”

Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champ Anderson “Spider” Silva, who once again retained his title last Saturday in UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro, is one such athlete. But in this new Brazilian spot for Burger King, created by the Ogilvy & Mather office in that country, the mixed martial artist lip-syncs “Lovin’ You” by Minnie Riperton, giving a big wink to anyone who ever giggled when he spoke. (Of course, the fact he could methodically rip you limb from limb should be enough to discourage that…)

Falsetto fighters aside, the spot does a good job of softening up the MMA cage to fit the tender moments mood of the song. Gold cushions, disco dog statue and a white suit. Works every time.

(via Adweek)