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Top equity analysts

Standard & Poors equity research team has come out on top in the Wall Street Journals2009 Best on the Street annual survey of equity analysts (to be released on May 26). According to S&Ps latest edition of The Outlook, twenty of its equity analysts won in 23 industry categories, with nine of them coming first in their categories. The table below lists the analysts and their sectors.
This may be worth highlighting because to come first in such a difficult year as 2008 requires going easy on the buy recommendations and coming out with relatively more sell recommendations. It underlines the fact that for independent, unbiased advice on U.S. stocks, S&P Equity Research Services isone of the best places to go.S&P clients have less to worry about when it comes to conflicts of interest with underwriting and trading departments.
The May 20 edition of The Outlookprovides recommendations from some of the top analysts:
1) Mark Basham picked McDonalds ( MCD) because the shares are likely to be seen as somewhat of a defensive play as the global economy slows, or even contracts, in 2009.
2) Michael Jaffe selectedUSG ( USG), which firmed up its balance sheet with the sale of $400 million of notes and will benefit from the governments stimulus package.
3) Jim Corridore liked Continental Airlines ( CAL) because of the pullback in oil prices, likely trough in the global economy, and Continentals entry into he Star Alliance with United Air Lines.