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Throwing the BlackBerry away

The iPhone is in the BlackBerry's rear view mirror and closing fast.

Ouch! That is what Jim Balsillie must be saying over last week’s study showing two out of five BlackBerry owners would switch to an iPhone if they could.

Crowd Science revealed that 39% of Blackberry owners would definitely switch to an iPhone tomorrow if given the option. This compares to 87% of Google Android users who would keep their Androids and 92% of iPhone users who would keep their iPhones.

For RIM, the news gets worse. The survey found that 52% of BlackBerry users would definitely recommend an iPhone to their friends or family. This compares to 100% of Android users recommending their own phone to friends and 97% of iPhone users recommending the iPhone to friends.

While this news from Crowd Science has great ramifications for the future development of RIM products, not to mention the future of Canada’s favorite entrepreneur, it gob smacks us how one revolutionary device can leapfrog over another revolutionary device to potentially dominate market share so quickly.

While getting consumers to switch established brands is difficult, the ability of companies Apple in particular to offer marketplace-altering applications and features in a product within a matter of a few years is changing the game.

This phenomena is rapidly pushing the BlackBerry away from being the worlds favorite handheld device. Already some are predicting that the iPhone will overtake BlackBerry in market share in 2011.

While Canadians enjoyed Balsillie’s fight with the NHL these past two years, there is no doubt that he has the fight of its life on his hands in the in the near future and must reinvent his company to remain competitive in this market.