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Three of the coolest new condos coming to Toronto

Condos really can be 'sculptures for people to live in.' Check out these concept images for three of the most striking.

I expect most Torontonians know there are a whole lot of new buildings going up in their city—it’s hard to miss all the cranes—but I’ve heard my fair share of complaints. Chief among them is a distaste for generic glass condos, perhaps at the cost of some lovely old brick building that had the misfortune of existing on prime Old Toronto real estate.

But condos need not be ugly and boring. Quite a few of the ones going up in the city core are anything but. Just look at what Frank Gehry is up to. On Monday, the legendary architect described the three condo towers he’s designing for Toronto’s Entertainment District as “sculptures for people to live in.”

Certainly not every condo is a sculpture in which humans dwell, but Gehry isn’t the only guy with ambitious architectural plans for Toronto.

Below are three of the coolest condos planned for Canada’s biggest city, all of which could begin construction within the next year.

First off, Gehry’s design: Three 80-plus-storey towers that will sit atop a massive complex housing two museums, shops, gardens and more. See the promotional video here. Construction will take five to seven years.


Here’s the (rather controversial) base. Designs are not final.


Also going up in the Entertainment District is the Picasso on Richmond, a 39-storey condo that begins construction this fall.


Lastly, here’s what Waterfront Toronto has planned for the eastern downtown waterfront, the Monde Condominiums. Construction is scheduled to start next year and should finish by 2016.


Here’s a close-up on one of the towers.


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