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Three Corporate Responsibility Trends for 2008

A recent webinar hosted by U.S.-based CRO Magazine(CRO = Corporate Responsibility Officer) outlined three trends that I think are really worthy noting:
The executive position of Chief Responsibility Officer is growing quickly. In August 2006, there were 12 CRO titles in the U.S. Russell 1000 Index. In October 2007, the number of CROs had grown more than seven times to 89.
More top brands are using corporate responsibility as a competitive differentiator. According to Interbrand, from 1999-2005, 10 brands were using corporate responsibility as a differentiator. In 2006-2007, the number had grown to 160 brands.
According to CROs own ranking of the best corporate citizens by industry, the top 10 out-earned the next 10 by more than 10%.
Also, CRO recently asked me to write an article to help corporate responsibility managers understand and manage their social-purpose programs. It was published in their September/October issue. To get the article, go to the newspage of the Impakt web site and then click on the first article called Purposeful Pursuits.