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This is David Beckham running in his underwear


Get your attention, did I? That’s exactly what fashion retailer H&M is banking on with this recently released “short film” by Guy Richie that offers us mere mortals a glimpse at what happens when poor Becks loses his robe one morning. We don’t see Mrs. Beckham, but pretty sure it’s Posh in the driver’s seat, seeing that it’s a Range Rover and all.

There’s a technical term for this type of ad and in order to say it properly, you need to cup your hands around your mouth and yell at the top of your lungs, “LINKBAAAAAIT!” And if done properly, it works like a charm.

H&M spent a bucketload on this spot, but Google “David Beckham H&M” and you’ll quickly see that the brand has more than made up for the cost in earned media blathering on about Becks in his underwear (Yes, we’re guilty as charged).

H&M certainly isn’t alone in its approach. Just a few weeks ago Mercedes-Benz put out an ad starring Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Kate Upton.

She has little more than a cameo in the brand’s Super Bowl ad, but it’s telling that this slow-motion car wash action has more than 2 million more YouTube views than the big game commercial.

Sex still sells and I suppose the branding lesson here is… Oh who am I kidding, you’re not even reading this anymore are you? Just had to re-watch those a few more times didn’t you? Well, I guess that proves my point.