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The Situation’s guide to the “L” in GTL (Laundry)

If youre familiar with Jersey Shore , you probably know that GTL stands for gym, tan and laundry the three tasks that comprise star Mike The Situation Sorrentinos day.
Its important for students to know how to do laundry properly. You can save yourself money by extending the life of your clothes. But even if you dont know the difference between a grenade and a stage 5 clinger, you should read the following tips, because taking care of your clothes properly can keep your wallet thick and youre all a fan of that act.

  1. Wash your white clothes separate from your coloured clothes. One new red item could turn some white items pink. While the occasional pink shirt on a guy is fashionable, even Clay Aiken would raise an eyebrow at a guy who wears pink every single day.
  2. Wash your blacks and dark clothes in a separate load as well, to keep them from fading. Youll need that black blazer if you ever get a date.
  3. Keep like fabrics together. Thick socks and towels can create fuzzy balls all over softer fabrics like cashmere. This ages your clothes. You might be broke but you can still fake it til you make it if your clothes dont look too old.
  4. Hand-wash delicate fabrics like silk, and let them air-dry. Just do it.
  5. Don’t bleach whites in pure bleach. No matter how hung over you are, read the instructions on the bleach container. It’s usually best to significantly dilute bleach with water.
  6. Read the tags on your clothes to find out what temperature to wash your clothes in. If you dont know how to read the symbols on your tags, avoid calling your mommy and check out this Industry Canada guide.
  7. Dont use too much soap. Many consumers dont look for the fill line when measuring soap, and end up putting too much in. Not only does this waste money, but it makes it harder for the washing machine to rinse off all the soap. Your clothes can come out with soap residue on them, which is hard on your skin. If you have dry skin or are prone to eczema, this is especially damaging.
  8. Dont leave wet clothes sitting in your washing machine unless youre commencing a science experiment on mold.
  9. Save money and help the environment by air-drying as many items as possible. 100% cotton clothes shrink in the dryer, so you should definitely make sure to air-dry those items. Baring midriff is so 90s and thats a little short of qualifying for vintage just yet.
  10. After heating up your iron, remove wrinkles by slowly moving the iron around your piece of clothing. Make sure you’re ironing on a flat surface. You dont want a waffle shirt (unless youre going to some sort of theme party where a waffle shirt would be cool).
  11. Don’t keep the iron in the same place for more than a couple seconds. Otherwise, you’ll have burn marks on your fabric. You can even burn a hole in your shirt, or worse set off the residence fire alarm during finals, and have everyone hate you. Forever!
  12. Wear your clothes in the appropriate settings. For example, dont wear anything overly expensive to a kegger. Someones bound to either puke on you, spill their drink on you, or rip your shirt off.
  13. Despite what Marge Simpson might suggest, dont warm your socks and underwear up in the microwave on a cold winter morning. The cross-contamination potential is high, and youd be surprised by how little time it takes to turn a soft sock into a crispy cast (Trust me Ive tried).

Still wondering what Jersey Shoreis? Have a look at the clip below to see the MTV reality show’s cast interviewed by Young Hollywood.