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The pinnacle of financial journalism

At the pinnacle of financial journalism today sits Martin Wolf, chief economics columnist for the Financial Times of London. He is probably the most deeply thoughtful and professionally informed economic journalist in the world at this point,” says Larry Summers, a Harvard professor and Director of the National Economic Council. He really is the premier financial and economics writer in the world, adds Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff.
If you are a fan of Wolf too, youll want to read the profile of himat The New Republicmagazine. One thing I found interesting about the account is Wolfs habit of taking a long reading holiday every summer in Italy. “It’s an important break,” he says. “Unlike Americans, I believe in long breaks for reading and thinking. I don’t understand the American culture of one-and-a-half or two weeks of holiday .
Perhaps this practice explains why he has a reputation for insightful commentary — and a formidable intellect in face-to-face discourse.”‘He starts by summarizing your argument, and, two minutes in, he’s trashed your argument, says FT business columnist John Gapper, who used to be Wolf’s editor. ‘And that’s when you realize he’s only just getting going.’ FT editor Lionel Barber says he stands up to Wolf, whom he calls ‘Two Brains,’ ‘once every five years.'”