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The Liberal platform cometh

I’ve already discussed in detail that Michael Ignatieff is lacking a platform, so I’m pleased to say that it looks as if some concrete ideas will be outlined in June.
According to a Hill Times story, the Liberals are in the midst of hashing out policy ideas, which should make their way to the Canadian public sometime next month. (Ignatieff previously saidthat he wants a platform ready by June, and it looks like the party is actually working on it.)
The Liberals will focus on, predictably, economic issues, rather than the environmental problems they championed with Dion at the helm.
“This time it will be more economy based,” Liberal Party national policy chair Joan Bourassatold the Ottawa-based newsweekly. “We’d be looking at the resolutions in that respect. These are certainly guidelines from the grassroots to the leader that this is the direction the grassroots wishes us to take.”
However, a climate change resolution was made by Quebec-based Liberals that called on a future Liberal government to create a “a carbon tax, a cap and trade system, or a combination of both.” The Hill Times reports that Ignatieff and other party members have said there’s no chance a carbon tax will end up in the platform.
The article adds:

Ms. Bourassa said resolutions on protecting Canada’s water resources, eliminating poverty, reinstating Paul Martin’s $5-billion Kelowna Accord for Aboriginal Peoples, and establishing a national childcare program were top of mind for delegates at the convention and those are the issues she will be “reminding” Mr. Ignatieff of when they’re writing the platform.
“A lot of these are just basic Liberal values, and certainly the Liberal family wants to remind the leader and the platform committee that these are still of great significance to them,” she said.

So, will the platform really come in June? And does that mean an election is around the corner? Maybe. Some people are saying that we won’t see a full policy lineup or an election until the next budget. But at least Ignatieff is getting closer to revealing what he has up his sleeve.