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The leading lipstick indicator?

If you visit the finance dictionary at Investopedia.comyoull be visiting the most comprehensive financial dictionary online or off, Im told. Indeed, it seems to have been the main motivation behind Forbes Inc.s purchase of the website in April of 2007: We were very impressed with their financial dictionary of 5,300 terms, Steve Forbes said back then.
According to the list of top-10 most searched terms, EBITDA is No. 1, followed by CAGR, P/E ratio, and Bo Derek . What? Wait a minute, Bo Derek? Whats she doing in a financial dictionary? Could it be a blooper? Well, Ijust had to click on the link to see how Investopedia.coms dictionary was going to define that one.
Heres how it goes: A slang term used to describe a perfect stock or investment. In the 1979 hit movie 10, actress Bo Derek portrayed the perfect woman, or the perfect 10. This term was used more often in the early 1980s, after the movie 10 first came out.
Well, what do you know: its not a blooper but a real financial term (albeit slang). I did not know that (cue Johnny Carson expression and voice tone). But wait theres more. In the Related Terms section, we also have:
Angelina Jolie Index Harry Potter Stock Index Paris Hilton Stock Index Eva Longoria Stock Index Lindsay Lohan Stock Index Jennifer Lopez – J. Lo Leading Lipstick Indicator
The first five refer to stocks that may benefit from association with the celebrity, e.g. the publisher of the Harry Potter books or the movie studio that produces Angelina Jolies movies. A Jennifer Lopez is slang for a rounding bottom pattern sometimes seen in price charts by technical analysts and the lipstick indicator is a signal of consumer sentiment based on the observed tendency for lipstick sales to vary inversely with economic conditions. Check out the site for more details, if you like.