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The easy way to win customers

Couple have a baby. Local bakery spots opportunity. Everybody wins.


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PR doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, it’s as easy as sending a gift bag.

For example, when Linda Haynes, creative director and co-founder of Toronto’s Ace Bakery read a story about a couple who had named their baby boy Ace, she saw an opening for an easy home run.

The story mentioned that some friends arrived at the couple’s baby shower bearing gifts wrapped in Ace Bakery bags. Seeing the connection between a feel-good story and her brand, Haynes tracked the couple down and sent them a gift bag, cookbook and card.

“I always look at this they way I would react,” says Haynes. “It’s a good idea to put yourself in the place of the person who’s buying something you make.”

From a branding standpoint, the move has no downside. The happy couple gets some tasty treats, and the bakery gets some new fans.

“Their gesture was totally unnecessary which makes it completely awesome,” says Chris Cobain, Ace’s dad. “Gestures like that you don’t forget. I’ll buy more of their stuff.”

The lesson: keep an eye out for opportunities to extend your brand. For the cost of a gift bag, you might get some life-long customers.