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The Best and Worst Stock Exchange Indexes

Canadian Business’s Winners and Losers issue hit the stands last week. A couple of the big winners during 2009 were Canada and women. A major loser was luxury goods and services. Pick up the issue, it is packed with the winners and losers of 2009, one of the most transitive years in recent history.
As far as world stock exchanges went, out of 85 indexes measured by Bloomberg from the low on Mar. 9, 2009 to Nov. 25, 2009, only three – Bahrain, Bermuda and Slovakia were losers. The 85 exchanges on average gained 64% since the March trough. There were 10 countries which were big winners with exchanges that more than doubled. They were: Ukraine, 210%; Kazakhstan, 203%,; Romania, 163%; Argentina, 140%; Peru, 124%; India (Sensex), 113%; Vietnam, 106%; Hungary, 106%; Hong Kong, 105% and Turkey, 103%. The TSX recovered 57%, which was below the average and the DOW and S&P500 indexes rose 63% and 67% respectively.
As usual, if you contact me at, I’ll be happy to send you the spreadsheet. with all the numbers.