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Templeton better than Buffett?

Warren Buffett gets a lot of the limelight when it comes to investing but one could argue that the late John Templeton deserves the spotlight just as much. Indeed, Moneymagazine in 1999 choose Templeton as the twentieth centurys greatest stock picker.
Sure, Buffetts vehicle, Berkshire Hathaway has seen its stock price rise considerably but that performance also reflects Buffetts prowess as a businessman in managing Berkshire Hathaways many subsidiaries. Templetons performance was established solely on the basis of managing investment funds. He is more of a pure stockpicker.
Templeton liked to buy stocks at the maximum point of pessimism. I think thats probably a good thing for all types of investors active, passive, dividend, etc. to keep in mind as they go about building and managing their portfolios. And you dont need to be just a stockpicker to apply his approach; it can also be applied to exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
One resource that I recently came across for getting into the Templeton frame of mind, and staying there, is a blog entitled What Would John Templeton Say?There is a post about once or twice a week on some aspect of Templetons investing style, culled from his letters and media interviews.