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Survey says: Canada will fare better than U.S.

Been out of town for a bit, but I’ve returned to my desk and I’m ready to get the blog back up and running. So, I know I missed a few things while I was away mainly the Mexico/U.S./Canada meeting, but let’s start where I left off a couple weeks ago, with economic recovery.
As more countries say the recession is over Japan just revealed their worst recession in decades has come to an end a new Canadian Press Harris-Decima surveyshows that most Canadians are optimistic about this country’s economic recovery.
According to the survey, six in 10 Canucks think the economy will bounce back twice as strongly as it will down south.
It’s nice to know that people are feeling more confident these days ( which hopefully means they’ll start eating more), but it bears repeating that we won’t feel the full effects of an economic upswing until the U.S. starts seeing meaningful growth.
The survey’s respondents understand the connectivity between Canada and America, they just don’t think it’s a big deal. Here’s an expert from the Canadian Press story:

The state of the American economy is another roadblock to a solid bounceback in Canada.

The world’s biggest economy’s housing market has been battered in recent years, and weak consumer spending and massive government deficits threaten to keep the U.S. on the skids for a while longer.

That will weaken growth prospects in all of America’s trading partners, particularly its largest, Canada.

But the poll suggests most Canadians aren’t put off by any of that.

“There’s a sense, number one, that there’s demand for what we’ve got, maybe that’s greater than demand for what (the) Americans’ got,” says Jeff Walker, Harris-Decima’s vice-president.

“The other thing that people say when we talk to them about this is … we were in solid economic position going into this in terms of our debt and deficit situation.”

Another interesting stat from the poll: Conservative supporters were more confident than people who identify with other parties that our economy would fare better than America’s.

Seventy per cent of Tory backers thought Canada’s economy would outperform the United States’, compared to 65 per cent for the Liberals, 62 per cent for the Bloc Quebecois and 48 per cent for the NDP.