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Students and Green Brands

According to Alloy Media & Marketing’s eighth annual College Explorer study, a growing number of students in the US are (41% up from 37% last year) are looking to spend their money on socially responsible brands.
The criteria used to determine a company’s degree of social responsibility were: donating money to a charity or cause; using eco-friendly or green business practices; employing fair labour practices; incorporating social messages into advertising; and supporting diversity in the workplace.
The top socially responsible brands identified by were:
Shoes and Apparel: Nike
Automotive: Toyota
Food: Yoplait
Retail: Target
Personal Care: Burt’s Bees
Who would come out on top in Canada? Toyota would be likely remain #1 for automotive. But I don’t see any retailers up here who made corporate responsibility and community investment as conspicuous as Target’s $1 million per week banners in their stores. How can Target do this and not appear inauthentic (especially to students)? On reason is their long history of community support and integration of a community-minded sensibility throughout their operations.