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Steve Nash leaves his mark on fans in new Toyota ad

NBA star adds to his impressive ad portfolio

Once again, Steve Nash steps up and nails what could have been just another yawn-inducing celebrity car commercial. The spot, posted online by Toyota Canada this week, features the former NBA MVP’s ever-present sense of humour and continues his run of quality ad appearances. That marker toss says it all.

It’s no mistake Nash almost never stars in a bad ad. He’s been writing, directing and producing various forms of advertising for a while now, primarily through his production company Meathawk Productions (among other hilariously random Youtube videos). In 2008 he interned at ad agency Deutsch in New York, and the secret’s long been out that Nash has his eye on the world of brands, marketing and advertising as a potential post-hoops retirement plan.

On his run of successful spots for Vitaminwater, the company’s CEO told Fast Company, “The creative director title goes to Steve, not us.”

And don’t look for the streak to end any time soon. As he told Marketing mag, Nash is doing everything he can to never be the stereotypical pitchman. “We started a production company because we wanted to be creative, so if it’s just something where I’m standing there holding a product, that’s going over old ground that’s been done before. Someone else can do that.”