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Spam filter woes

For a few weeks now, Ive noticed a problem with the Akismet filter flagging my comments on other bloggers posts as spam and, vice versa, flagging bloggers comments on my blog as spam. Ive begun to go through my spam on a regular basis to approve valid comments but man, its like wading through a sewer because the spam is so vile and foul at times.
No doubt there are still some valid comments locked in the filter back in time, before I starting screening. So apologies to those who sent in comments never to see them published. It’s not that we don’t like what you have to say but that the spam spider haswrapped it up in a ball.
Anyway, it was good to see a post today by Invest it WiselyaboutAkismet filter going haywire on him and other bloggers he knows. Now I know its not just a problem with my blog.
Akismet tells Canadian Business Online that if I mark a comment as Not Spam, the commenters future comments should clear the filter automatically afterward. But there is a lag of what looks to be nearly a week. And each time I go in, I usually find new comments from other people that have to be approved.
Invest it Wisely also provides a solution. He recommends two plug-ins: Bad Behavior and SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam. As a result, he gets just about zero spam and the legitimate comments get through.