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Watch Old Spice's newest ad: 'Sometimes you have to eat people, America'

Enter the Wolfdog.

Much like how it’s classic scent was once synonymous with your granddad, by now we’re all pretty accustomed to the Old Spice brand of advertising humour. Whether it’s experienced, sexy or powerful, over the last few years there’s been a consistency to its absurdist approach. Sometimes sales are up and sometimes they’re down, but it’s fair to say any campaign Wieden+Kennedy Portland comes up with for the brand will rank high in entertainment value. But now parent company Procter & Gamble have decided to name a new executive director of marketing. And it’s a wolfdog.

This is basically how anyone under the age of 10 imagines how business people talk. The desk furniture, the stamping, the calculator, the doing of marketing to you just now. It’s all there, along with some canine voice tech advice from Pixar’s Up. Mr. Wolfdog, whom you can follow on Twitter (of course), also offers up some pretty frank business advice on his website. Beyond the lesson in this latest ad (“Sometimes you have to eat people, America. That’s how business works.”), Wolfdog says eye contact is key in job interviews and the key to sales is meeting people who need things.

Bring in the meat sacks!