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Shocking Salaries

The Ontario government publishes an annual list that details names, salaries, positions and taxable benefits of all individuals who made more than $100,000 per year and work in the public sector of the province. A quick look at Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) reveals some startling facts. Of the 12,000 OPG employees, 6,952 or 58% of them made more than $100,000 per year. Their total salaries were $935 million or an average of $134,494 each. Hydro One had 5,032 employees and 2,307 (46%) of them made a six figure salary that cost Hydro a total of $289 million or $125,271 each. The average Canadian’s annual salary, as released today by Statistics Canada, is $42,848, less than one-third of Hydro and OPG employees.
What do these people do to rate these salaries. Well, there are 18 Appendix A Mechanical Maintainers at OPG making up to $123,364. Hydro One has 16 Forestry Managers making up to $135,367 per year. OPG has 76 Civil Maintainers making up to $142,096. Hydro One has two Barrie Inventory Specialists making over $100,000. I sorted the positions for Hydro One alphabetically and gave up counting at Electical SubForeperson which was the 120th title, about 1/7th of the way though the whole list.
If you’d like to contact me at, I’d be happy to send you copies of these salary details. The names have been removed and be prepared as these lists, like the Mississippi River, go on and on.