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Roundup of Financial Blogs

Distinguishedacademic and ex-financier Paul Wooley recently issued a call to rein in the ludicrous situation that has led to the financial sector reaching 40% ofcorporate sector profits in the industrialized world. IndependentInvestor.infossummary of his presentation leads off this weeks round-up of Canadian finance blogs.
FP Trading Deskreviews analyst Brad Smiths thesis that globally diversified banks, like Scotiabank, will do better than those focused on North America.
COTS Timer bloghighlights Commitments of Traders data showing a a stunner of drop in gold futures held bylarge speculators (they havent been this bearish since Sept. 2008)
Money Smartshas a post about evicting a little old lady from her apartment.
WealthyBoomerchecks into the bullish case for gold as a hedge against well, just about everything, like inflation, deflation, stock-market crashes, etc.
Canadian Capitalistbelieves the advice to diversify into commodities is more relevant to U.S. investors than Canadians
Preets blogis turning 3 years old and to celebrate, he is giving away prizes.
Canadian Personal Financediscusses the magic number 833.33
Todays Economy blogruminates on why interest rates may rise more slowly than expected.
Baskin Blogseems to think the euro crisis is history.
Michael Jamesgoes over to the indexing side.
Financial Highwayhas the beer to end all beers.
Canadian Finance Blogposts on the advantages of reverse mortgages as a follow-up to a previous post on the disadvantages.
Bal ance Junkiewarns there is no respite in diversification.