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Roundup of financial blogs

The pluses and minuses of different compensation models for financial advisers are tallied up bythe Wealth Steward Blog— and it turns out there arecaveats in all cases. This interesting postleads off this weeks roundup of Canadian financial blogs.
Thicken My Walletdiscusses the trade-off between high yields and safety of principal.
Triaging My Waygives long-time investor rights advocate Larry Elford some airplay concerning conflicts of interest in the investment industry.
Divestoris of the opinion the next macroeconomic shoe to drop will be the onset of inflation; he is preparing to unload some of his fixed-income holdings.
Andrew Hallamfinds $35,000 and invests it in index funds even though his stock picks have handily beaten the S&P 500.
Michael Jamesgives us a catchy post on the Cauchy distribution.
Canadian Capitalisttells of a couple with a good savings plan but lousy investing plan.
The Financial Blogger, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), sheds some light on the financial planning industry with his comparison of salaried and commissioned CFPs.
Canadian Finance Blogwarns not to overlook the risk that you may require assisted living services in an extended care facility during your retirement.
MoneySmartscompletes the trilogy of stories on Tenants from Hell.
Blessed by the Potatoreviews in easy-to-understand terms a book Ive always meant to read but never got around to: Benoit Mandelbrots The Misbehavior of Markets.
Canadian Couch Potatowonders if MarketWatch columnist and passive-investing proselytizer, Paul Farrell, is losing it.
Canadian Personal Finance BlogemitsThe Scream (in afinancial context).
Jonathan Chevreausuggests be careful who you give Power of Attorney to.
Preetrails against mutual funds calling themselves ETFs.
Million Dollar Journeyexplains how to calculate the dividend payout ratio.