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Round-up of financial blogs

Option Mattersblog notes the S&P 500 and Dow Joneshad, several weeks ago, death crosses (50-day moving average falls below 200-day moving average) , which technical analysts see as a bearish sign.
Juggling Dynamitelooks at the charts after last weeks rally and sees the “death cross” is still in effect.
Preeton having a frugal wedding and investing the savings.
Shocked Investorsays dont be fooled by media reports S&P 500 companies are loaded with cash because debt has risen twice as fast as cash since 2006 and stands almost three times as high.
Blessed by Potatosells his shares in Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway
Mr. Cheapdoesnt think housing is an investment — besides, prices will be flat for awhile now, he believes.
Michael Jamesasks: how do you manageyour gambling instinct?
Canadian Capitalistdefends DIY investing.
Number Cruncherupdates the Globe and Mails stock picking contest and observes that Canadian Capitalist has retaken the lead with his Berkshire Hathaway choice.
Canadian Couch Portfoliotalks about the Gone Fishing Portfolio.
Home Centssuggests ways to cut costs on summer camps for the kids.
Canadian Personal Financeriffs on the evil diamond cartel.