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Round-up of financial blogs

I earlier mentionedstarting a round-up of what are, in my estimation, the better investing ideas coming out the Canadian financial blogosphere. Here is the second installment. If anybody feels I missed a good post or blog somewhere, let me know.
Markets Blogsees an opportunity for bargain hunters in the 40% drop in BP PLC shares and 9% dividendfollowing the Gulf of Mexico oil-spill disaster.
IndependentInvestor.infohas a great review of online brokers
Canadian Financial DIYhas a guest post from a 6 year old
Balance Junkietakes issue with Ostrich Investing, or the belief that you should ignore the news and attempts to understand the factors causing market fluctuations.
Michael Jamesshows how currency-conversion fees can dwarf brokers transaction fees.
Canadian Capitalistupdates the Sleepy Mini Portfolio
Shocked Investoris doing well with straddles, making money off the euro regardless of direction.
SmartBounce blog(by Keith Richards) sees a short-term rally given the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) is now down to 30, the level associated with oversold conditions.
Norquay’s Financial Fridge Magnetswarnsthat North Koreas sinking of a South Korean ship may signal the start of cold-war like conditions between China and the West, with adverse consequences for trade relations and stock markets.
Tech Talk: Timing the Marketsnotes gassy stocks like Encana are breaking out in response to a breakout by natural gas prices above a three-month trading range on higher than average volume.
FP Trading Deskreports that one market strategist thinks the start of the next big upswing for stocks is close at hand given the market historically rebounds after the VIX (Volatility Index) spikes to 40 (as it did recently) and signals a climax in fear.
Triaging My Way To Financial Successbuys the preferred shares (ADR) of the National Bank of Greece (NBG.PR.A), yielding over 12.5%.
Tracking Errorssays you shouldnt lose hope in the equity risk premium despite the past decade of negative returns.
Dividend Guyavoids ADRs (American Depositary Receipts) because they come with additional risks (currency, political, etc.) and he does not have the time to stay on top of all of them.
Thicken My Walletnot a fan of absolute return mutual funds
SRI Monitorobserves more than 30 Canadian pension funds and other investing entities have signed theUnited Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).
Wheredoesallmymoneygo.comestimates 40% of actively managed mutual funds are closet index funds
Prefblogreports James Hymas Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund continues to outperform, for example it earned 16.09% annualized over past three years compared to 1.16% for the benchmark index and -0.89% for the Claymore Preferred Share ETF.
Option Matters(by Richard Croft) points to the strong U.S. dollar and global recovery fears arising from the eurozone crisis as factors accounting for the deep correction in Canadian mining stocks and suggests buying call options on the iShares S&P/TSX Capped Materials Index Fund, especially since Chinese demand still remains strong.