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Round-up of Financial Blogs

Shocked Investorpasses on news about a $35 laptop from India.
Financial Insight by Lior Hershkovitzcompares chequing accounts in G7 countries and finds Canadians are being overcharged for the type of service and features that people in Britain, France, Germany, and even the U.S. enjoy for free or a lot less
Balance Junkiebelieves that cash remains the ultimate diversifier in a world where asset correlations are rising (her allocation: 90% cash).
Canadian Capitalistand Canadian Financial DIYdraw attention to a new tax resource,, founded by Prof Ben Allaire
My Own Advisortallies up the good and bad of DRIPs.
Big Cajun Mandraws a parallel between wine and personal finances.
Michael Jamessuggests Enbridges equal billing plan may have misled customers into consuming more than they would have.
Preetssuggestion for comparisons of mutual funds to benchmarks generated a lot of discussion.
Money Smartslooks at renting vs. buying a house and finds the answer depends on who you are and what you want.
Financial Highwayhas tips on saving money on BBQs.
Invest it Wiselytells us why backlinks are important.
Canadian Dreamoffers ways to save money buying a car.htt
HowToInvestOnline.comrecommends adding salt and pepper to stock-market forecasts.
Canadian Couch Potatoasks what is the advisors role.
Blessed by the Potatodiscusses streaming shows from the computer to TV.