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Round-up of financial blogs

Independent Investorwarns against using interest-rate predictions to manage bond holdings and advises using the bond-ladder approach instead.
Steadyhand blogreports that Steadyhand mutual funds received the highest gradeout of all the mutual fund companies rated in Morningstar Canadas new Stewardship Grades poll.
Stingy Investorhighlights a problem with kickbacks to doctors.
HowToInvestOnlinelooks at the best way to invest in real return bonds and finds buying direct is better than ETFs or mutual funds.
In the Moneyexpresses the view that Europe need not be a source of panic.
Canadian Capitalistpoints out you can apply for a waiver of TFSA over-contribution penalties.
Ellen Rosemanon Lisas story about being charged $1,240 for TFSA over-contributions.
Canadian Personal Finance Blogtalks about how to implement the timeless Pay Yourself First rule.
The Markets BlogsaysJim Chanos is short selling Ford Motor because the United Auto Workers have big ownership stakes in GM and Chrysler so they might go easy on them in coming labour negotiations, but not Ford.
Michael Jamesdoes a review of the book Uncontrolled Risk, which attributes the financial crisis of 2008 to the incentives mortgage-backed securities gave banks to crank out mortgages on easy terms.
WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGointerviews the author of Uncontrolled Risk.