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Rob Carrick's portfolio?

Could the portfolio listed under rcarrick on belong to Globe and Mail personal finance columnist Rob Carrick? is a U.S.-based social-investing website that displays members actual portfolios by linking to their online brokerage accounts.
There is little on the site to confirm it actually belongs to him but rcarrick is from Canada and he (or she) joined in late October, a few days before Rob Carricks column on and other social-investing websitesappeared in the Globe. Perhaps while visiting as part of his research, Rob decided to link his brokerage account? Portfolio highlights:
– nine holdings with a tilt toward income investments – all down, with Nortel Networksthe most – loss since inception is -13% (would be smaller if dividend income included) – purchases in last 2 months were Fortis, RioCan Trust, and Yellow Pages Trust.
Rcarricks portfolio: TransCanada Corp. Manulife Financial Corp. Mainstreet Equity Corp. Fortis Inc. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust Cameco Corp. Yellow Pages Income Fund Peyto Energy Trust Nortel Networks