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RIM hoping for BB10 touchdown with its first Super Bowl ad

The “COMING SOON” sign has been in the front window for what seems like an eternity,  but Research in Motion is really, really, really set to unveil its BlackBerry 10 to the public on Jan. 30. Safe to say, it’s far from a secret but RIM isn’t taking any chances—for the first time in its history the company is joining the Super Bowl ad party.

No word on exactly what we can expect from the 30-second spot by London-based agency AMV BBDO. RIM marketing honcho Frank Boulben certainly wasn’t spilling any secrets, instead rolling out some standard issue boilerplate in a statement, “A Super Bowl commercial is a great opportunity to show the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry to tens of millions of consumers on the largest advertising stage of the year.”

Despite a spotty advertising record compared to the likes of Apple and Samsung, RIM ads haven’t historically been too bad at all. A few years ago those BBM spots worked pretty hard at pushing the brand beyond its traditional suit-and-tie demographic, but ultimately weren’t able to significantly move the dial. Let’s face it, Diplo’s cool but he doesn’t exactly scream “MAINSTREAM!” as much as say, Zooey Deschanel or LeBron.

Jumping in to the Super Bowl marketing madness is ultimately the right move for RIM. If they don’t and BB10 flops, the public autopsy will say the company didn’t use every available avenue to reach its goals. And since this is 2013, RIM also has a social-media campaign slated to run alongside the new ad that will include promoted Twitter posts and sponsored Facebook stories to run during the game.

Both Apple and, more recently, Samsung have taken pretty public swipes at the Blackberry maker. So whatever its Super Bowl appearance brings, they could do worse than the running with this Reversal of Fortune app.