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Responsible Shopping

The holiday season has started with some interesting corporate missteps (notably Mattel and Lululemon) that must be making some consumers start to think twice about what they buy and from whom. Regardless of where the responsibility actually lies, its the brands that have taken the hit from consumers (and investors).

One of the ways in which our company assesses the perspectives of stakeholders on corporations and the degree to which they are seen as responsible is to get as close to the experience of the stakeholder as possible. So, the holiday season seemed like a good opportunity to find out what sources of information are available to consumers who are interested in responsible shopping. Here are three examples:

The Greenpeace Shoppers Guide
A catalogue of the Genetically Engineered (GE) foods sold in grocery stores across Canada. It claims to reveal which companies are taking action for the environment and their customers by removing GE ingredients.

Stop Sweatshop Abuses
A website dedicated to helping consumers do the right thing, make the right choices and act on informed decisions about the products they buy.

Ethical Shopping
Produced by Consumer Ethics Inc. to provide information and resources to help Americans more fully consider the consequences of purchase decisions related to the environment, economic justice, and quality of life.

Its important to know the resources that are now at consumers fingertips, how they may be influencing purchasing decisions, and how your products stack up.

The Internet has put extraordinary power in the hand of consumers and consumer advocates. Its also made it easier than ever to understand the perspectives of the stakeholders that matter most to you.