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'Puss in Boots' marketing is art imitating ads

Movie's ad campaign takes a page from Old Spice and Dos Equis.

The new marketing campaign behind the Shrek spin-off flick Puss in Boots makes some blatant nods to some of the most popular ads of the past few years. Much like the Shrek movies themselves throw a comedic bone to parents by referencing not-so child-like bits of pop culture—like Cops—this is advertising that references popular advertising. So meta.

First, there was the Most Interesting Cat in the World spoof on the successful Dos Equis beer spots. Then last week came what amounts to the Cat Your Cat Could Smell Like Old Spice tribute. There’s something about these that feels a bit skeevy in the whole don’t-we-inundate-kids-with-ads-enough-now-we-have-to-give-them-ads-spoofing-ads type of way. But really, given these films’ penchant for pop culture asides and wink-wink nudging, it’s the perfect strategy to get parents shelling out for movie tickets once the film hits theatres Nov. 4. And maybe remind them to pick up some beer and deodorant on the way home.