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Public Trust in Corporate America "In the Toilet".

According to David Hessekiel, President of the Cause Marketing Forum, “public trust in corporate America is “in the toilet”.
The Cause Marketing Forum reported today that Trust in US businesses fell to 38% from 58% last year, the lowest in the history of the The Edelman Trust Barometer. “It has been a catastrophic year for business,” said Richard Edelman, president and CEO, Edelman. “Business must recast its role in society and move beyond simply generating ROI to its shareholders. It must partner with government and other institutions to assume societal responsibilities.” See Mr. Edelman’s comments on Youtubeafter giving his Trust Barometer Report.
Mr. Hessekiel also says that this is a great opportunity for companies and causes to work together to rebuild faith in business as a positive force for change. I couldn’t agree more – we need to see this as an opportunity for corporations to establish a stronger sense of social purpose in minds of the people who matter most to them.