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Public Sector 5,800; Private Sector (393,700)

During the 12 months ended June 2009, a total of 393,700 private sector employees lost their jobs. That’s equivalent to the entire working populations of Regina SK, Windsor ON, St. John’s NL, Saguenay, QC, Victoria, BC and Niagara Falls ON according to the 2006 census. Put another way, it is as if every person who lived in communities along the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario from the Quebec boder to the Greater Toronto area was out of work. That’s more than 400 km of unemployment. In the government, 5,800 jobs, the equivalent of Hinton AB, were created in the same period illustrating that there is a lot more security in the public sector.
Almost 300,000 jobs were lost in manufacturing and construction alone. The trade and transportation/warehousing sectors lost 72,400 and 30,800 positions respectively. Many of these were high paying positions. In June 2009, the average weekly wage was $823. The weekly wages for the major categories of job losses were: manufacturing $909; construction $1,066; wholesale trade $1,007; and transportation and warehousing $876. This makes for a lot fewer tax dollars to pay for more people in government.