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Political Points: The introduction

It’s been a week since I started posting on my new blog, so it’s probably time to officially launch this thing. The blog, Political Points, will delve into the complex union of politics and the economy. With bailouts, rescue packages and infrastructure spending all hot button topics these days, the political and economic worlds are more intertwined than ever. The plan is to make some sense of what’s happening, and keep Canadian Businessreaders up to date on what our politicians have to say, and what they’re doing, about the country’s financial future.
While the blog will focus mainly on Canadian issues, I’ll discuss relevant American initiatives as well, since most economists agree that this country’s fortunes depend on how the U.S. deals with its economic setbacks.
Look for short posts linking to commentary on other writers’ blogs, quick hits like the “quote of the day” write-ups that I’ve previously posted and more lengthy opinion pieces. I’ll try to update the blog every day, so keep checking in.
Blogging is a two way street I write something, you comment. Or, you tell me something and I comment. To make this work, it’s imperative that I hear from readers. I welcome everyone to post their thoughts in the comments part of this blog, but more importantly, if you have a topic you’d like me to cover, or have an insider tip that I should know about, please get in touch at b
Thanks and read on…
Bryan Borzykowski is a senior editor at Canadian Business Online. Previously, he was the investments reporter at and he’s contributed to a number of other publications including Maclean’s, Chatelaine and the National Post. His blog, Political Points, deals with the relationship between politics, business and the economy.