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PM’s made good economic moves: Canadian CEOs

Every week, CB and Compas Inc. release a CEO pollthat asks Canadian executives their thoughts on a certain issue. The latest onesurveyed 122 people about how they think Stephen Harper is handling the economy. The results aren’t too surprising many say he’s dealing with things well, while others would like to see him do more.
The CEOs gave Harper’s handling of the economy a score of 73 out of 100, which is not bad considering how volatile this global recession has been.
There were two parts of the report that I found particularly interesting. The first has to deal with Harper’s U.S. media tour. “Many of the respondents were smitten with Harpers recent U.S. media campaign, which took the prime minister to both CNN and Fox News. More than three-quarters of the CEOs felt it was a good thing for the Canadian economy,” writes CB’s Joe Castaldo.
As I’ve written before, I would have liked Harper to address the Canadian media more, but according to this, the PM made the right moves with his American TV tour.
Also interesting was this quote from one of the poll’s respondents.

Where is an economic vision and mission statement from the Prime Minister? Lets rally the country around a common agenda and mission. Its not too late to take the pulpit and set a goal of building infrastructure for a national power grid, maglev [magnetic levitation] rail trains or even an Arctic research station. Just give us something to believe in.

It’s a sentiment that I think a lot of people feel, even though they may be happy with Harper’s economic agenda so far.
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