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Platform might not be revealed in June: Goodale

I interviewed Ralph Goodale yesterday after he gave a speech to the Economic Club of Canada. Here’s a linkto the story and I’m going to post the full Q&A here tomorrow.
There’s no doubt that this former finance minister is a politician through and through, so I wasn’t surprised when he gave vague answers to question related to when Ignatieff might trigger an election, who his economic advisors are and what exactly we’ll see from the Liberal’s platform.
I was surprised to find out, however, that the platform likely won’t be revealed to the public in June, as Ignatieff has lead most people to believe. Goodale said that “Mr. Ignatieff told party officials and the caucus who are working on the platform that he wants it to be ready in June. That’s not a signal that he’s necessarily going to announce and publish a platform then. He simply wants all the homework and background to be done.”
So, who knows how long we’ll have to wait (probably until an election campaign) to see what exactly the Liberals have in store. However, it does sound as if the party will start slowly revealing its economic plans in bits and pieces. In the interview, Goodale talked about how they would have tackled infrastructure spending, and that dealing with dwindling Canadian pensions should be a top priority for the government.
Even if his agenda isn’t announced in June, it’s likely Ignatieff will feel the pressure to at least disclose some, if not most, of his plans when the platform is completed.
Anyway, check out the story, and stay tuned for Goodale’s comments in full.