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Philanthropy in 2009: Strategic, Measureable, Grassroots

According to a recent LBG Research Institutesurvey, American corporations anticipate no change or, in fact, an increase in charitable giving for 2009. Although 42% of corporations and 37% of corporate foundations surveyed say their charitable giving budgets will decrease in 2009, the Institute predicts that the overall decrease will be far less than the 12.1% drop in 2001 reported by Giving USA 2002.
80 percent of corporations report that their giving will be more strategic next year, directed at causes in need, with greater impact and efficiency at work. Related to this, a key implication is the need for corporations to evaluate and measure the social and business outcomes of their investments in social issues. (I’d be happy to happy to provide anyone who’s interested with an overview of the Impakt Valuation Tool the management tool Impaktdeveloped over the last four years to pinpoint the business outcomes of key community investment partnerships.)
Finally, I saw Bill Clinton on TV speaking about how the landscape of donations is changing this year. According to Clinton, we will see a growing importance of grassroots-level support as evidenced in Obama’s election campaign.