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Pat Quinn is back in the game

If theres one thing former Toronto Maple Leafs coach Pat Quinn wanted, it was another chance to be in the NHL. Today, Quinn got that wish when he was named the coach of the Edmonton Oilers, replacing Craig MacTavish, who was sacked last month.
Far from being the typical jock, Quinn has a bachelor of arts degree in economics (which he earned while playing in the NHL) as well as a law degree. As a coach, he won two Jack Adams trophies as the best in the NHL (Philadelphia in 1980; Vancouver in 1991) and had won the fourth-most wins (616) as a coach in league history.
I had the good fortune to interview Quinn just before the World Junior Hockey Championships in December, and he is one of the most thoughtful leaders in any profession I have ever come across. He knows what leadership means. He knows what teamwork means. And he knows how to get the best from the talent hes given.
One quote that still sticks with me was a bit about honesty and how leaders should deliver it. As a coach, you need to try to be honest with your team. Sometimes you wont tell them things that might hurt them, but you need to be honest, to be competent, have a plan for them, and they have to be comfortable that you know what youre talking about.
Its too bad Quinn never had that kind of leadership above him while with the Maple Leafs, but hes a proven winner with one goal left: a Stanley Cup. Not sure hell get that in Edmonton, but at least he has one more chance.
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