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Partnerships with NGOs

Earlier this year UN Global Compact, Financial Times, and Dalberg Global Development Advisorspublished a groundbreaking report called “The Business Guide to partnering with NGOs and the United Nations”. The ground breaking report surveyed 20,000 companies worldwide, identified 550 NGOs, UN agencies, foundations, and other social actors with which companies had partnered, and profiled 85 based on company ratings.

The guide is targeted at business leaders and is intended to help companies match their skills and contributions to organizations looking to build successful public private partnerships. Here are 3 key findings that I thought would be of interest:

  • 73% of companies anticipate that partnerships with NGOs will be important or extremely important for them in the next 3 years
  • The key reasons for corporations to partner with NGOs and other social actors include: effectively implementing their CSR programs and building trust with stakeholders
  • A third of partnerships at the global level relate to environmental protection, while almost 40% of those at the local level are in the education sector

While there is a growing awareness of the value of partnering with NGOs, many corporations are still wrestling with best practices around objective setting, benchmarking, and evaluating partnership programs – in particular, the challenge of applying conventional metrics to impacts that are largely qualitative.