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Ontario budget newspaper round-up

Everyone’s got something to say about the Ontario budget, and especially the HST, so here are a few of the more interesting stories from some of the province’s papers.
Toronto Star Duncan picks bad time to have a good idea:So when provincial Finance Minister Dwight Duncan said yesterday that transforming Ontario’s old-fashioned PST into a value-added tax would put the province in sync with most of the industrial world, he was correct. The problem, however, is timing. The worst recession since the Depression is not the time to discourage people from spending.
London Free Press Let’s call this tax exactly what it really is larceny: So what to call this new tax? Duncan got touchy when one reporter quipped it should be the Sales Harmonization Tax. We all know what THAT would be for short. So, is it the DST – Dwight Stiffs You Tax? The Dunkin’ for your Dollars Tariff, or, simply, the Dwight Duncan Tax? (both would be DDT) How about the Dalton Rip-off?
Toronto Star Duncan’s budget misses too many opportunities:In some places it was bold, in some places it merely did what it had to do, and in other key areas it fell flat on its face.
Globe and Mail Trying to crank the sputtering old engine of Canada’s economy: Make no mistake: Taxes are going to go up in Ontario. Precisely when and how cannot be predicted. But when a government adds $50-billion in debt, as the McGuinty government is doing, and runs six consecutive years of deficits, as the government intends, the fiscal piper will demand payments at some point.