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One last allowance

The latest retirement tip from everyone's favourite advice-giving golf ball, Goldie.


It sounds morbid, but young Canadians who want some significant cash in their golden years should take out an insurance policy on aging parents. “You get a great rate of return,” says Cindy Davis, vice-president of estate planning at Raymond James. “High single-digit if not double-digit territory.” Insurance isn’t taxed, so when the parents die, the children get a nice lump sum without having to shell out half to the government.

It’s 30-year-olds with healthy, 60-something parents who should consider this strategy. Premiums on boomers can be affordable—about $245 a month to insure a 60-year-old for $250,000. Ideally, parents will pass away in their 80s or 90s, so the financial windfall will come just as their children are ready for retirement.

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