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Octopus on a stick?

Oh, don’t get fooled. Today is April Fool’s and you may want to take everything you read on the web today with a pail of salt. Fortunately, we are here to help you determine the random weird news of the day from April Fool’s jokes.
Here are some of the best;
PSS, A contact centre technology company has a new initiative, a Celebrity Voice Prompt Library. It features celebs like Paris Hilton intoning, You called us. Thats hot.
The UK Telegraph has a story about ferretsto lay broadband cable to remote areas.
The BBC has a story about new evidence reporting Shakespearesmother was actually French.
Boing Boing reports a new culinary delight Octopus on a stick.
A new survey has revealed that roller-bladinghas been determined to be the worlds manliest sport.
Google Translate has a new application that translatesanimal sounds.
And the wonderful people at have a variety of make-believe products for sale, including a device that makes programmabletattoos.