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No taxes are good taxes: Harper

In an interview with the Globe and Mail’s Eric Reguly, Stephen Harper said this: “You know, there’s two schools in economics on this, one is that there are some good taxes and the other is that no taxes are good taxes. I’m in the latter category. I don’t believe any taxes are good taxes.”
It’s a remarkable statement from Canada’s leader he doesn’t think any taxes are good taxes??
No matter how much you hate handing over a portion of your paycheque to Ottawa, thinking zero taxes is a good thing is a ridiculous comment to make, especially coming from a leader who gets paid by Canadians and runs programs built on the dollars we make. But instead of getting into this myself, I’ll direct you to a blog post by Globe writer Adam Radwanski, who takes the PM to task in a great piece titled Stephen Harper: anarchist?
In the post Radwanski writes:

If taken to its logical conclusion, that would also mean that all government spending is bad. Not just equalization and grants and other things that Harper would have taken offence to back in his National Citizens Coalition days. We’re also talking about defence, and law enforcement, and any public infrastructure whatsoever – stuff that even the most libertarian members of Harper’s party would concede that we need.