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New bloggers on the block

I dont think too many people are aware that Ian McGugan, editor of MoneySense, is now blogging on personal finance topics. So is MoneySense columnist Rob Gerlsbeck. Their postingscan be found on the website.
I don’t think many know about them because they arequality reads yet they don’t appearin many blogrolls. That will probably change, I’m willing to wager, as they get better known.
McGugan played a big role in kick starting the passive indexing movement in Canada with his articles on Couch Potato Portfolios. Rob G. joined MoneySense last year, I believe, and produces well-researched, thought-provoking articles.
They are a welcome addition to the Canadian financial blogosphere. Both are immersed in personal finance topics full time, so they know a thing or two about the field. And both writefor a living, so they express themselveswell.
While we are at it, another financial writer that deserves to be followed is David West. He once did a column for the MoneySense website but it now appears on the website of Canadian Business. David W. writes about investing for several other publicationsand provides investment courses to major financial institutions.
You wont find hot stock tips and 12-month price targets in his Canadian Business pieces. What you will find is good solid advice on the essentials of managing a portfolio, e.g. asset allocation, risk control, rebalancing and so forth.