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N.C.F.B.A. meeting

Last week The National Capital Financial Bloggers Association (NCFBA) met and a good time was had by all, as usual. The NCFBA moniker, coined by the member who writes the Canadian Personal Finance Blog (see his humorous post, Puffins, Misunderstood Poopers), sounds rather impressive but its just a group of 5-6 Ottawa-area bloggers and friends who like to meet around a Kelseys table once a month to chat about financial and other topics.
We have been meeting for almost a year now and I would like to thank the other members for the enjoyable discussions. Members include: Canadian Capitalist, Michael James on Money, Canadian Money Review, Dividends Matter, and Canadian Personal Finance Blog.
Last week was a special event because we had a visit from Som Seif, CEO of Claymore Investments. When you spend three hours talking informally to an industry insider, you can learn a few things. In weeks ahead, I will likely be blogging about some of the topics discussed.
At the end of the meeting, Som S. graciously picked up the tab. If I had known that, I would have ordered the super-deluxe, pizza-and-chicken-combo dish (you know, the one requiring a second mortgage on the house). I also wish I had read Michael James on Investing’s post, Be the First to Order in a Restaurant, before the meeting.