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My two boys and the future of TV

My two boys, 4 and 6 years old, are home this month from school and preschool. Its great doing things with them. Yesterday, we went to the swimming pool where they enjoyed themselves immensely. The day before we visited the playground and, among other things, flew a kite.These are moments to treasure they wont be this young and sweet forever so I have the camcorder out a lot.
When they are on their own in the house, they like to play with their construction toys or games on the computer. My six-year-old has discovered the Internet and can google for games. My four-year-old watches and/or takes a turn. The time spent on the computer is actually becoming a bit too excessive. Ways have to be found to pry them off.
During their play time, they rarely turn the TV on — even though it sits right there in front of their toys and a few steps from the computer. Sometimes Ill turn it on to the childrens or cartoon channels to provide a distraction so I can slip away and do some work. But when I come back later, the TV will be turned off and theyll either be playing with their toys or the computer. It makes one wonder about the future of TV. Sure, itll survive but likely in a much reduced state.