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More Value From Community Investments

One the one hand, research clearly demonstrates the business value of community investment programs. For example:

  • 92% of consumers have a more positive image of companies that support causes they care about (2007 Cone Cause Evolution Survey)
  • 73% of women and 66% of men are more likely to buy a brand that gives back to the community (HQd Pollara, 2007)
  • 77% of university graduates consider a companys commitment to society when determining where to work (2007 Cone Cause Evolution Survey)
  • 72% of employees wish their employers would do more to support a cause or social issue that they care about (2006 Millenial Cause Study)

On the other hand, weve found that even large corporations dont have the time or budget to improve the impact of their programs. In response, we recently developed a series of on-site 1 day assessments to help corporations increase the value of their investments in the community. Each assessment focuses on an aspect of community investment that we believe has greatest potential for leverage including recruitment and retention, marketing, and partnerships with non-profits.
Our goal is to help identify areas where corporations can get the most leverage with the smallest investment of time and money.

A key learning here is that community investment, an area that I beleive has tremendous business value, is still very under-resourced and under-priroritized.