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More career-limiting moves

We cant all be the sharpest tool in the workshop. The Gallery of Career-Limiting Moveshas several accounts of people who unwittingly showed themselves the door at their place of work. Heres a couple more that illustrate how modern technology can endanger the employment status of those who aren’t fully cognizant of the pitfalls.
Storing your sex tapes and whatnot oncompany computers
Thirty-something Steve Rowe was a computer whiz employed for over a decade as an infrastructure analyst at the Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. As public documents filedby the Ontario Labour Arbitration Awards board report, he took control of a spare computer at the college, and used it to download copyrighted materials such as movies, music, games and pornographic videos. He also granted access to the stored material to numerous colleagues, relatives and friends — even though the computer was connected to the colleges computer network (which contained highly sensitive records and required a security clearance to access).
After a decade or so of operating like a bootleg entertainment dealer, a third-party audit uncovered Rowes activities (including online chats with his girlfriend about their sexual encounters on college premises). The union took his termination to the Ontario Labour Arbitration Awards board but lost in a decision handed down in December.
Threatening your bosson Facebook
Comments on social media website Facebook are what got an employee of a B.C. auto detailer and accessory shop dismissed from his job, according to filingsfrom the British Columbia Labour Relations Board. The employee was one of the organizers of a union that had just been certified at the shop, and the consequence apparently was some friction with his manager.
For a month, the employee vented his feelings about the manager on Facebook, publishing what the manager deemed threatening and violent comments — including references to serial killers and revenge plots. This was followed by homophobic and derogatory comments, and finally attacks on the reputation of his employer. The labour relations board upheld his firing for cause in an October ruling.
Hat tip to Northern Exposure blog